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Helpful links:

Surgical Shadowing

Once you have been an active member for 2 semesters, complete this form to start your 6 month shadowing experience!  Click here for some tips and what to expect.

Center for Pre-Health Advising

Necessary coursework, advising resources, book recommendations, and other advice on how to craft a strong application

AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service)

Information about the MCAT, an overview of the application process, advice on choosing a medical school, and fee assistance

Average GPAs/MCATs for US Medical Schools

Researchers on Campus

Researchers are listed by department, and their research interests and emails are included

Jobs on Campus

Jobs can be sorted by field--great for finding healthcare and paid laboratory opportunities


Resume and cover letter assistance, appointments available to review with an advisor


Helpful PDFS:

Please note that sample CVs, emails, and guides are simply an example from one student. Therefore, it should be used as a resource for how to organize each major sections, describe activities, and give proper credit to research and professional mentors RATHER THAN a comparison for specific activities. Your CV and any emails you send to potential mentors should be specific to your undergraduate activities and educational experiences.

National Institutes of Health CV guidelines

Hospital Volunteering Guide

Sample Shadowing Email

Sample Research Mentoring Email

Helpful Apps:

Libby​​: If you have a public library card you can use this app to read books on your device of choice for FREE without having to buy them! 

Anki: Similar to Quizlet, this app allows you to make flash cards and organize them in the way that works best for you

Genius Scan: As pre-med students we have to sign and email and digitize a lot of papers. This app makes it super easy to use your phone or other device camera to scan a document and have it ready to go

OneNote: As many of you are probably familiar, this app is a great resource for note-taking or compiling all of your notes and having them ready on the go without needing to waste paper with extra notebooks

Epocrates: While this app is targeted more towards medical students, it has a lot of interesting articles about current medicine and if you want to get ahead, you can look up information on which drugs are used to treat different conditions

Prognosis: This is another app targeted more towards medical students, however it has hundreds of hospital scenarios where you can run tests on a hypothetical patient and try to conclude how you would treat their condition. Another interesting app if you want to get ahead. 

Are there more resources you'd like to see on this page? Let us know!

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