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Interested? Sign up for our email list on the home page or join our Canvas at 



  • $75 one-time fee, covers all pre-med undergraduate years


  • $10 for the entire year

Active members:


  • Paid national and local​ dues

  • 7 points earned, with at least 3 points from five different categories:

    • General

    • Social

    • Fundraising

    • REACH

    • Advocacy

    • Outreach

    • Skills Development and Networking

  • Please reach out to if you are not in Madison for the semester (study abroad, online courses, etc.) and would like to maintain active status. 


  • Biweekly meetings with physician speakers

  • Volunteer, advocacy, and mentorship opportunities

  • Eligible for board elections after 2 active semesters

  • Eligible for Department of Surgery Shadowing Program at UW Hospital after 2 active semesters


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