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Current member? Check out the Points! page to check attendance!

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You can also join our canvas page at:

Paid members:


  • National dues ($75 one time fee--covers all pre-medical undergraduate years)

    • KAPLAN Discount code: Kaplan15 (makes price $60)

  • Local dues ($5 ​for the entire year) 

    • ​Venmo @amsawisc​​onsin


  • Biweekly meetings with physician speakers!

  • Volunteer, advocacy, and mentorship opportunities

  • Domestic and international medical service trips

  • Autopsy shadowing

Active members:


  • Paid national dues

  • 7 points earned, with at least 3 points from five different categories:

    • Fundraising

    • Volunteer 

    • Social

    • Outreach

    • Advocacy

  • 4 of your 7 points must be from attending a synchronous (live/real-time event), which will be virtual this semester​

    • ​We understand that some of our members are not currently in Madison/Central Time Zone. Please reach out to Jinan Sous at if you are unable to fulfill the synchronous requirement to maintain active status.


  • All paid member benefits

  • Eligibility for executive board elections

  • 6 month surgeon-shadowing opportunity at UW Hospital (after 2 semesters of active membership)


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