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CV/resume resources

Here we have included an example CV (curriculum vitae) of an unidentified UW Madison student named Jane Doe. Jane Doe can be described as a ‘typical’ premedical student on campus. Please note that this example CV is an example from one student, therefore it should be used as an example for how to organize each of the major sections, describe activities, and give proper credit to research and professional mentors RATHER THAN a comparison for specific activities. Your CV should be specific to your undergraduate activities and educational experiences.

We have included an example CV as they are often more appropriate representations of premedical educational experiences than the resume format. However, you will find links to additional resources regarding how to put together a CV, resume, as well as cover letters. We hope you find this resource valuable and encourage you to contact the executive board with any questions regarding CV/resume organization.

Jane Doe’s CV

National Institutes of Health CV guidelines:

Letter and Science Career Services:

Professional CV example: